A little info about me - I like video games, books, museums, food, caffeine in all forms, my nieces, and movies.

All movies. The weirder, the better.

The stories that inspire me are unapologetic. They transport me into experiences and worlds that are not my own.

I make bold films. Bold in story. Bold in characters. Bold in aesthetics.

I love movies because they have the ability to connect people while they entertain. They can create social change, bring people together, or help us explore our fears or desires.

I'm a filmmaker. I write. I direct. I video edit. Ultimately, I do whatever is needed, and I do it with love/passion/fiery determination.

I love people. Working with them. Talking to them in parking lots. Arguing over the best place to get a burger/coffee/ice cream cone.

So, if you want to create something with me - get in contact. I'm ready to work.